Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Woman Grows an Ear

A woman named Sharey Walter was a cancer patient who had an un usual case. On October 1, 2012 at 6:52 Eastern Time it was discovered that she had an ear growing on her arm. Doctors at John Hopkins in Atlanta used her tissue to an ear on her arm. She had bad cancer in her ear, and the doctors put a mold the shape of an ear in her arm and let it form for four months. When she went for her checkup her skin and tissue covered the mold completely. They took the ear off her arm and attached it to her head. Not only did they reattach the ear, but the ear worked just as well as any other ear would. It was said that she went from no hearing to perfect hearing.

This was a an incredible leap in medical history, not too often do you hear about someone growing a body part, removing it and reattached it to another part of the body. I find this to be a very interesting also simply because it is not only a surgery, but in a way it's also a cure for cancer. The doctors at John Hopkins are brilliant for even thinking to try something like this. I admire the determination that it takes for them to try this. I also admire the courage of the young lady that went through with this. In this case, things seemed to work out through science for the better.

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